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Plumbers in Balham

Balham is the neighborhood in south London, it is regarded as a popular south London neighborhood full of vibrant vibes and if you are looking for a qualified Balham plumber, Builders Terminal can link you to the most experienced personnel in town. Builders Terminal has the sterling reputation in recruiting the most reliable and competent plumbing experts and links with the clients as per their area of expertise, for instance, some plumbers in Balham have acquired proficiency in the construction-related piping system while others prove their skills through maintenance related work so Builders Terminal is responsible to assign the duties accordingly.

Common plumbing issues and how our professional team rectifies the malfunctions are discussed further for our customers to have a better overview of our services.

1- Drains Blockage

A fault like blocked drainage outlet is faced by every household and the public facility where plumbing systems are incorporated. Normally, the drainage port gets clogged by some solid or semi-solid material which restricts the water flow, plugging the pipe and causing severe inconvenience.

Solution: Several tools and equipment are used to unblock the piping system.

  • Plungers and Vacuums

Our trained Balham plumber unclogs the drainage pipe by using a plunger or suction tool to remove the obstruction out of the pipe. Sometimes some drain cleaners are also added to clear the chocking material that is stuck in the pipe.

  • Drain Snakes

A drain snake can be described as a small gimlet that is used to unclog the plumbing system and it rotates when it is shoved through the pipe drain snake clears the way by eliminating crammed muck and debris from the drain. It is also known as manual auger because plumbers push it physically to stimulate the rotational movement of the auger that would eventually unblock jammed drains and toilet. A drain snake is considered as the most useful tool to fix a blockage in the drains and pipes.

  • Motorized Drain Snake

Plumbers in Balham employ motorized drain snake when a manual drain snake can't get the job done. Motorized drain snake amputates clogs of much bigger size and can reach up to 150 feet into a sewer cleanout port. Undoubtedly, motorized drain snakes are more efficient and features wide range as compared to the manual drain snakes. Therefore, our professionals prefer this tool over any other manual auger.

  • Hydro-Jetting Machine

Builders terminal licensed and professional plumbing technicians usually perform a drain cleaning with a motorized auger and if they achieve no success, they will perform a video inspection of sewer lines.

The hydro-jetting machine is employed if plumbers detect blockage deep down in the sewer line. The hydro jetting machine is launched inside the sewer line to remove trapped debris and clogs by high-pressure water jet technology and throw out the clogged material with intense water pressure. The hydro-jetting process causes no damage to the sewer pipes as the device operates very smoothly and sustains the original condition of the pipeline.

2- Dripping Faucets

The most common culprits of a dripping faucet are damaged or broken washers on the tap. Over time the watertight seal present in the faucets can dry out or become damaged, which causes the water to leak through. A dripping faucet can cause a lot of nuisance mentally and financially as due to the constant dripping thousands of liters of water get wasted every day and the water bill will hitchhike to an irrational limit.


Qualified team of plumbers from Builders Terminal are called to fix dripping faucets more often as it is a common issue that every property with piping system faces. To shorten the amount of time it takes to complete the project, our professionals take all the required plumbing paraphernalia with them because who knows what tool becomes handy to fix the malfunction. The list of essential tools used to repair a leaky faucet include:

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Channel-lock pliers
  • Allen wrenches
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Spray penetrating oil (if needed)
  • White vinegar
  • Scouring pad
  • Washers and seals
  • Replacement faucet cartridge (if needed)

Step 1.  The plumbing expert makes sure that the fixture or valve that is usually under the sink is shut off before doing repair work. Once the valves are shut off, plumbers turn the faucet on to release pressure and drain the remaining water in the pipes.

Step 2. Plumbers work with a lot of small screws and tools, therefore to avoid mishaps such as a missing screw or a concealed hole with covers or plugs, plumbers close the drain before unscrewing the faucet. After taking the system apart, our professional team of plumbers in Balham check all the parts like seals, rubber washers, and O-rings to find out the culprit that started to leak. Plumbers inspect wear and tear of faucet’s internal condition and once the defective part is detected, it is often repaired or replaced with new equipment.

Step 3. Our experienced team never fails to please our customers by showing extreme professional manners, our plumbers clean the parts before reassembling the faucet. After dismantling the faucet, interior cylinders and seals are cleaned, valves are examined for the presence of mineral build-up that could cause leaks and results in the dysfunctional washer. For this purpose, a cloth is used to clean the surface, and deposits are loosened up by soaking the valve in white vinegar.

Step 4.  The faucet is then reassembled with the same tools that helped in the dismantling process and finally, the water flow is tested by slowly turning the valve open to regulate the water pressure.

3- Running Toilet

If your toilet requires constant maintenance due to leaky flush tank, it can lead to massive water losses and an empty water tank overnight. When water from the tank flows into the bowl continuously, it causes running toilet and that can be quite nerve-wracking because there is pretty much nothing you can do to save the water running from the flush tank. Due to the constantly running toilet, the water level in the tank will drop too low that would eventually stimulate the float to reboot the toilet system to fill the water tank again. Our team of professionals or Balham plumber has summed up some of the potential causes behind running toilet and that include:

  • Partially working sealing flapper valve
  • A dislocated float
  • Unhinged fill tube


  1. Rectification of running the toilet depends upon the damaged fixture that is causing all the water leakage. Usually, a defective flapper is usually behind a running toilet problem. The flapper decays over the years that would allow water to trickle past its once-tight seal. Plumbers in Balham test the integrity of the flapper by pushing it down and once they determine the flapper’s non-functionality, the flapper is replaced by the latest version.
  2. The next possible cause behind the running toilet can be a submerged fill tube. Professionals, drain the excess water to clear the water level.
  3. The water level will rise above the overflow pipe when the ball float has moved at an inappropriate height and eventually causing an unstoppable flow of water in the tank. Pipefitters fix a cup float by locating the pinching mechanism, then slide the float down the central tube that it sits around.
  4. Finally, if all other fixtures are operating properly then our plumbing experts usually replace the fill valve to fix the issue of running the toilet.

Balham Plumber

Here's we'll discuss the remaining plumbing issues and the role of our Balham plumber to fix these. 

1- Leaking pipes

Leaky pipes can create a lot of mess and all you see is a puddle of water pooling everywhere and if the pipe has been leaking for quite a while, it could cost a fortune. According to our professional plumbers, leaks most often occur around the joints of pipes and should be handled by an experienced plumber.


Builders Terminal is commonly called to send plumbing experts due to this complicated malfunction in the piping system that is leaky pipes. There are many kinds of plumbing leaks, some leaks cause flooding while others can damage the building by getting into electrical sockets and appliances. The approach to fix the leak depends on the type of leak, so the root cause is particularly analyzed by plumbers in Balham before digging into repair work.

For instance, if there is an incident of a leaky pipe, the damaged section is removed and replaced with a new piece. On the other hand, if the joint becomes jarred and comes loose, it is often sealed and fixed by our professionals.

2- Slow drain

A slow drain can be quite bothersome when you are waiting for the water to drain from the bathtub but instead, you hear gurgling, sucking-like sound it makes when draining. Well, the culprit of a slow draining bathtub is most often a collection of hair, dirt, and debris.

Slow drain signifies that the pipes are getting clogged, it must be considered as a warning sign before a major serious glitch and the issue should be resolved by calling buildersterminal.co.uk that will send their best-qualified plumber in Balham to fix any plumbing-related malfunction.


To avoid this unsettling issue, the users should remove the tub stopper to provide a passage for the dirt, debris and hair to pass through the pipes but sometimes when the drain starts getting clogged, these needle-nose pliers are employed by the Balham plumber to pull out as much gunk paraphernalia from the drain. Secondly, chlorine bleach disinfectants are used to dissolve all the debris and clogged material from the trap to clear the passage. Finally, if all other techniques don’t seem to work then plumbers in Balham use other advanced technology tools and cameras to identify the culprit that is causing the blockage.

Builders Terminal also provide this professional service in London and its surrounding areas such as plumbers in south east Londonplumbers in Wimbledonplumbers in Surbitonplumbers in Surbitonand plumbers in Battersea.

Household plumbing leaks account for approximately billions of gallons of wasted water each year across the UK. While leaks are one of the most common plumbing issues, keeping your plumbing system well maintained is one of the best ways to prevent issues. However, at some point, regardless of how good the maintenance is, problems may occur. Hence, all the licensed plumbers in Balham are always in demand, as all the pipework during construction is executed by experienced senior plumbers while the maintenance work of the piping system can also be performed by qualified plumbers only. Therefore, Builders Terminal saves your time, energy, and resources and provides an ultimate platform where you can locate the best tradesmen in the business. Our skilled team of professionals is available 24/7 to save you from the trouble.

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